The Violette Box

The Violette Box

Pascal Blua, Violette Records’ Paris-based designer, celebrates progress to date in curating The Violette Box (Catalogue No. VIO-014): a collection of the label’s designs and photography on assorted media appropriately bound with a red elastic band and lovingly presented in a 110 x 160 mm silver-engraved, hand-finished box.

The Violette Box contains:

  • The Tale of Violette & Perpetua
  • 17 postcards photographies
  • 8 postcard facsimile posters
  • Stickers of Violette & Perpetua
  • Perpetua enamel badge

Designed by Pascal Blua
Text by Geoff King
Photographies by Jess Rose, Julien Bourgeois, fontilan & John Johnson

Limited Edition 200 numbered copies only

Hand finished box with Imitlin Fedrigoni paper and engraved in silver
Postcards printed on Fedrigoni Symbol Card Premium white 330 g / 4 color recto/verso
Tale printed on Fedrigoni Symbol Freelife Satin Premium white 130 g / 1 color

A Violette Records gift dreamed somewhere between Liverpool, Manchester and Paris.
Printed and manufactured in beautiful Italy by Grafiche Zanini
Assembled by family hands in Paris
Dispatched worldwide with love

Purchases are limited to one box per person

Price £30.00 + P&P

UK/Europe = £5.46
France = £3.21
Worldwide = £6.66








Product photography by Monsieur Louis / Westimage for Violette Records 2014. All Rights Reserved